chemical constituents from methanolic extract of Garcinia mackeaniana leaves and their antioxidant activity


  • Ha Nguyen Thi Thu
  • Cuong Pham Van
  • Tra Nguyen Thanh
  • Anh Le Thi Tu
  • Cham Ba Thi
  • Son Ninh The



Garcinia mackeaniana, leaves, phytochemistry, antioxidant activity


A phytochemical investigation of the methanolic extract of Garcinia mackeaniana leaves led to the isolation, and determination of five secondary metabolites, including one benzophenone 4,3',4'-trihydroxy-2,6-dimethoxybenzophenone (1), two flavone C-glucosides vitexin (2) and its 2''-O-acetyl derivative (3), one biflavone amentoflavone (4), and one mono-phenol methyl protocatechuate (5). The chemical structures of these compounds were characterized by the NMR-spectroscopic method. These isolated compounds were isolated from G. mackeaniana species for the first time. Benzophenone derivative 1 has shown to be associated with a significant IC50 value of 14.97±0.8 µg/mL in the DPPH-antioxidant assay.


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Nguyen Thi Thu, H., Pham Van, C., Nguyen Thanh, T., Le Thi Tu, A., Ba Thi, C., & Ninh The, S. (2020). chemical constituents from methanolic extract of Garcinia mackeaniana leaves and their antioxidant activity. Vietnam Journal of Science and Technology, 58(4), 411.



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