Thin Van Dang, Vu Duc Nguyen, Nguyen Van Kiet, Nguyen Luu Thuy Ngan
Author affiliations


  • Thin Van Dang University of Information Technology
  • Vu Duc Nguyen
  • Nguyen Van Kiet
  • Nguyen Luu Thuy Ngan




sentiment analysis, aspect-based sentiment analysis, natural language processing, text analysis


Along with the explosion of user reviews on the Internet, sentiment analysis has becomeone of the trending research topics in the field of natural language processing. In the last five years,many shared tasks were organized to keep track of the progress of sentiment analysis for various lan-guages. In the Fifth International Workshop on Vietnamese Language and Speech Processing (VLSP2018), the Sentiment Analysis shared task was the first evaluation campaign for the Vietnamese lan-guage. In this paper, we describe our system for this shared task. We employ a supervised learningmethod based on the Support Vector Machine classifiers combined with a variety of features. Weobtained the F1-score of 61% for both domains, which was ranked highest in the shared task. For theaspect detection subtask, our method achieved 77% and 69% in F1-score for the restaurant domainand the hotel domain respectively.


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