About the Journal

Focus and Scope

The Journal of Computer Science and Cybernetics, created and published by Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, is Vietnam’s national journal in Computer Science and Cybernetics. The Journal is granted license by the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam.

The Journal of Computer Science and Cybernetics provides a forum for the dissemination of new research results in the fields of Computer Science and Cybernetics. The Journal presents high-quality, original contributions to the science and engineering of the fields Computer Science and Cybernetics, of authors inside and outside Vietnam. 

Topics related to Computer Science:

Computer science; network systems; software engineering; database; computing methods; information systems; image processing and speech processing; artificial intelligence and data mining; mathematical models of computer science; virtual reality; decision making assistive technology; multimedia technology, etc.

Topics related to Cybernetics:

System and signal theory; control theory; filtering and state estimation; nonlinear systems; optimal control; intelligent control; computer-based control systems, computer networks and communications; mechatronic and robotic control systems; process modelling and control, including but not limited to biomedical systems, agriculture and forestry, oil and gas, environment, economic and social systems, and control systems in national security, etc.

Peer Review Process

- All activities of the peer review process are done online. Reviewers sign in to the web site of the Journal to accept review invitations, download submitted articles, and submit their reviews and recommendations.

- The reviewers must be capable of confirming new results of the articles they review.

- Every article (excluding invited articles) is blind-reviewed by two experts in the field. However, an article authored/co-authored by a member of the organizing committee receives one review. In some cases, the organizing committee may invite a third review. Reviewers are selected on a basis that they are not affiliated with any author.

- Except for some special cases, the processing time of a review process is 02 months.

- Reviewers receive remuneration according to the rules and regulations of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.

Publication Frequency

From 2014, the journal is quarterly published both domestically and overseas in English.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Journal History

“Journal of Computer Science and Cybernetics” is a scientific journal of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology specialized in publishing research papers from national and international authors in the fields of computer science and cybernetics. The readers of the journal are research staffs, scientists, lecturers, doctorate students and those interested in computer science and cybernetics. The journal is quarterly published both domestically and overseas in both Vietnamese and English. However from 2014, the journal receives the manuscripts prepared in English papers only. Its original name was the Journal of Computational Science and Cybernetics firstly published in 1985 in 32 pages. In 1990, its name was changed to Journal of Computer Science and Cybernetics. In 1994, the number of pages per each issue increased from 32 pages to 48 pages; then, in 1998 to 64 pages; and since 2003 it has been 96 pages for each issue. The first Editor in Chief is Prof. DSc. Phan Dinh Dieu, followed by Prof. DSc. Bach Hung Khang, Asoc.Prof. Dr. Le Hai Khoi, Asoc.Prof. DSc. Pham Thuong Cat. Its current Editor in chief is Prof. Dr. Dang Quang A. The editorial board of Journal Computer Science and Cybernetics include various national and foreign scientists from different areas of computer sciences and cybernetics such as Networking; Computational methodology; Software engineering; Information systems; Artificial intelligence and Knowledge perception; Voice and image recognition;Databases; Mathematical foundation of computer science; System theory; Automatic control theory; Robotics; Process control; Control in power systems and renewable power systems; Traffic control systems; Land, sea, air, and space vehicular control systems; Biomedical, agricultural, forestry, environmental, and social, economic modeling and control; Control systems in national security and defense… These professional scientists participate actively as reviewers for the journal. In addition, young and skillful scientists are also invited to the review process.

Over the last 35 years, Journal of Computer Science and Cybernetics has received the special attention from its owner – Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology – and the strong support from research institutions, universities. And with the active performance by the editors board, the journal has gained significant achievements. With the about 40 published papers every year over the last 10 years, the total number of published papers has reached above 500. Consequently, Journal of Computer Science and Cybernetics has served effectively the master and doctorate training, the professor–level promotion and the publication of research results from the National Science and Technology Programs, the Fundamental Research Programs and research projects at different scales.

The printing quality of Journal of Computer Science and Cybernetics has significantly improved, from typo printing to offset printing and from on Bai-Bang black papers, then, white papers, and nowadays to couche-matte papers. The number of copies for each issue is about 300 copies, including copies to be submitted to publishing authorities such as Ministry of Culture and Information, the Central Board of Ideology and Culture, National Library, Hanoi Library… The office of Journal of Computer Science and Cybernetics is well equipped with telephones, fax machine, Internet connected computers, printers, working desks and bookshelves at the Natural Science and Technology Publishing House of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.

The journal was used to be manually operated. Since 15th April 2012, it has been online over the Internet with online support for paper submission, review, and edition in order to bring the journal scientific quality and innovative up to the level similar to that of the international and regional journals. The papers published on Journal of Computer Science and Cybernetics are aimed to have the scientific quality and innovative as high as those accepted and published on the proceedings of international conferences or international journals in the fields of Computer Science and Cybernetics (IEEE, IFAC, IFIP, …). Due the increasing needs of paper submission, the journal is planning to increase its number of pages from 96 to 132 pages per issue in the coming years. Besides, the communication for the journal will also be publicized to make the journal easier to access from international and domestic research staffs, teaching staffs, and students. For overseas communication, one of the journal objectives is to invite international professors to review submitted papers, to submit their own papers on the journal and to participate in the editorial board of the journal.