Roles of Gate-Oxide Thickness Reduction in Scaling Bulk and Thin-Body Tunnel Field-Effect Transistors


  • Nguyen Dang Chien Faculty of Physics, University of Dalat
  • Dao Thi Kim Anh
  • Chun-Hsing Shih



Gate oxide scaling, SOI structure, short-channel effect, low-bandgap device, tunnel field-effect transistor (TFET)


Tunnel field-effect transistor (TFET) has recently been considered as a promising candidate for low-power integrated circuits. In this paper, we present an adequate examination on the roles of gate-oxide thickness reduction in scaling bulk and thin-body TFETs. It is shown that the short-channel performance of TFETs has to be characterized by both the off-current and the subthreshold swing because their physical origins are completely different. The reduction of gate-oxide thickness plays an important role in maintaining low subthreshold swing whereas it shows a less role in suppressing off-state leakage in short-channel TFETs with bulk and thin-body structures. When scaling the gate-oxide thickness, the short-channel effect is suppressed more effectively in thin-body TFETs than in bulk devices. Clearly understanding the roles of scaling gate-oxide thickness is necessary in designing advanced scaled TFET devices.


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Author Biography

Nguyen Dang Chien, Faculty of Physics, University of Dalat

Semiconductor Physics and Devices; semiconductor manufacturing; electronic device fabrication; modeling, simulation and fabrication of advanced CMOS devices such as SOI MOSFETs, Schottky Barrier MOSFETs, Tunnel FETs






Electronics - Telecommunication