Modern software capabilities for shape optimization of shells

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Shape optimization , gradient-based method, helicoid, maximum displacement, filter radius


The article is devoted to the shape optimization of shell structures in Comsol Multiphysics using three gradient-based methods: IPOPT (Interior Point OPTimizer), SNOPT (Sparse Nonlinear OPTimizer) and MMA or GCMMA (the Method of Moving Asymptotes). Two types of complex shapes, such as right helicoid and developable helicoid are taken for the computational experiment. The task is to investigate the initial design and optimization process of two helicoids. To obtain a more accurate result and an interesting design solution, the calculation is carried out using three physics-controlled mesh sizes: extra coarse, fine and extra fine with varying values of special optimization settings, such as maximum displacement (dmax) and filter radius (Rmin). The results obtained using the three methods allow to conclude that the mesh element size and studied parameters dmax and Rmin have a significant impact on the final optimization result.


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