• Do Van Thom Le Quy Don Technical University
  • Doan Hong Duc University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam National University
  • Phung Van Minh Le Quy Don Technical University
  • Nguyen Son Tung Le Quy Don Technical University



finite element, phase-field theory, FGM, crack, stiffened plates, vibration


This paper presents the new numerical results of vibration response analysis of cracked FGM plate based on phase-field theory and finite element method. Effects of geometrical and material properties on the vibration behaviors of the plate are investigated in this work. The computed results show that the crack and stiffener have a strong influence on both the vibration responses and vibration mode shapes of the structure. The computed results can be used as a good reference to study some related mechanical problems.


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Author Biographies

Do Van Thom, Le Quy Don Technical University

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Doan Hong Duc, University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam National University

Advanced Materials and Structures Laboratory

Phung Van Minh, Le Quy Don Technical University

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Nguyen Son Tung, Le Quy Don Technical University

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


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