In order to improve the management of publishing special issues, the Editorial Board has decided to open special sections specifically to the approved special issues.

The authors contributing to those scientific events are required to submit the conference articles by online with choosing their relevant special sections.

Editor-in-Chief: N.X. Phuc

Posted: 2018-04-09



Dear authors,

We have the pleasure to announce the details codes for subject classification  of all 5 sections of Vietnam Journal of Science and Technology:

1. Natural Products,

2. Materials

3. Environment

4. Electronics and telecommunication

5. Mechanical engineering and Mechatronics

Please choose 2 or 3 subject classifications for your manucript to include into your cover letter when submitting it.

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Greetings from the Editor-in-Chief


Home page image

I have the pleasure to announce the new name of our journal,

Vietnam Journal of Science and Technology (VJST), with a new ISSN No. 2525-2518.

Founded in 1962 with the name of Tap san Khoa hoc Ky thuat, the journal originally published short research articles in general science and technique, all written in Vietnamese. Twenty years ago, the journal was renamed as Tap chi Khoa hoc va Cong nghe (Journal of Science and Technology). It has since evolved into a peer-reviewed journal, publishing six issues per year.  The published papers included articles in both Vietnamese and English and on broad topics related to science and technology in following five sections:  Natural Products, Materials, Environment, Electronics-Telecommunication, and Mechanical Engineering - Mechatronics. This year, on the 55th anniversary occasion, the journal assumes a new name and starts publishing all articles in English.

A major milestone in the journal’s history was the launch of the online submission at the beginning of 2014, which significantly expanded its readership, improved quality, and enhanced the journal’s credibility overseas. I would like to express my appreciation to all of you who have contributed in various roles to the journal’s development, including as authors, reviewers, and editors. We have now inaugurated a new Editorial Board, involving several international scientists for each of the sections, aiming for a truly global reach and recognition of the journal.

We are currently exploring various measures to improve the VJST, and we rely on your active participation in the process. We look forward to your valuable manuscripts. The VJST editorial team will do its best to ensure that your esteemed papers are read and cited by target communities at the earliest possible time.

On behalf of the VJST

Editorial Board, I wish you all good health and success in all your work.


With kind regards,

Nguyen Xuan Phuc

Prof., Editor-in-Chief
Posted: 2017-06-25



The submitting author have to make sure for his/her own result and to strictly follow following copyright regulations:

  • The work has not been published in neither being submitted for consideration to any other journal (except for its abstract, lectures, review paper or thesis);
  • Its publication has been approved by all the co-authors, and in case of need by the institution where it was conducted/supported;
  • If and when the manuscript is accepted for publication the authors automatically agree to transfer the copyright to the publishing agency;
  • The manuscript is not allowed to be published  anywhere else and under any other language without the agreement of the copyright authorized agency;
  • The copyright agreement by the authorized agency will be sent to the author from the other registered copyright sources.
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Dear authors:

I have the pleasure to announce that, according to the Project on enhancing the quality of VAST scientific journals, the year schedule required for the Journal of Science and Technology to publish English-written papers is the following:

1. For 2014: > 35% articles in English,

2. For 2015: > 60% articles in English,

3. For 2016: > 75% articles in English,

4. For 2017: > 90% articles in English,

5. For 2018: 100% articles in English.


Prof. Nguyen Xuan Phuc

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Ngày 29/3/2015 HĐBT đã ban hành Quy định sửa đổi về xuất bản số chuyên san của Tạp chí KHCN, trong đó có 3 điểm mới sau đây:

1.4. Giới hạn phạm vi chuyên môn của mỗi số,

1.5. Giới hạn trên về số trang, số bài/1 số chuyên san,

1.6. Giới hạn dưới về tỷ lệ bài viết bằng tiếng Anh/một số.

Nay thông báo lên trang web Tạp chí để các đối tác đọc kỹ và thực hiện.

Tổng biên tập Tạp chí

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