AdaL-PSO A New Adaptive Algorithm for the Multi-Skilled Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem

AdaL-PSO A New Adaptive Algorithm for the Multi-Skilled Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem

Phan Thanh Toan, Do Van Tuan
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  • Phan Thanh Toan ATC Group, Yen Phong Industrial Zone, Yen Trung Communes, Yen Phong District, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam
  • Do Van Tuan ATC Group, Yen Phong Industrial Zone, Yen Trung Communes, Yen Phong District, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam



Swarm Intelligence, Evolutionary Computing, Optimization Methods, Resource Constrained Project Scheduling, Particle Swarm Optimization


MS-RCPSP is a combinatorial optimization problem that has many practical applications, this problem has been proven to belong to the NP-hard class, the approach to solving this problem is to use algorithms to find approximate solution. This paper proposed a New Adaptive Local Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm for the MS-RCPSP problem. The solution for the class of NP-Hard problems is to find approximate solutions using metaheuristic algorithms. However, most metaheuristic-based algorithms have a weakness that can be fallen into local extreme after a number of evolution generations. In this paper, we adopted a new adaptive nonlinear weight update strategy based on fitness value and new neighborhood topology for Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm, thereby helping to prevent PSO from falling into local extremes. The new algorithm is called AdaL-PSO. A numerical analysis is carried out using iMOPSE benchmark dataset and is compared with some other early algorithms. Results presented suggest the prospect of our proposed algorithm.


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