• Hai-Hoa NGUYEN Vietnam National University of Forestry
  • Thanh An Le
  • Thanh An Le
  • Thi Ngoc Lan Tran
  • Thi Ngoc Lan Tran
  • Huu Nghia Nguyen
  • Huu Nghia Nguyen
  • Vo Khanh Linh Duong
  • Vo Khanh Linh Duong
  • Simone Bohm
  • Simone Bohm
  • Thi Ngoc Bich Nguyen



Biomass, carbon stocks, Hai Phong coast, mangrove forests, soil organic.


Estimated results of 17 plots evenly distributed across study sites showed that the amount of tree carbon stocks was significantly lower than in soil, normally ranged from 9.9 ÷ 29.55 (tons ha-1) and in contrast by using the Walkley-Black method, these total soil organic carbon were in the range from 81.76 ÷ 323.83 tons ha-1 (average = 161.47±15.85 tons ha-1), which pointed out strong relationship between tree density and soil organic carbon in the study areas.


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