• Le Trong Lu Vien Ky Thuat nhiet doi
  • Le Thi Thanh Tam
  • Doan Thanh Tung
  • Ngo Thanh Dung
  • Hoang Tran Dung
  • Nguyen Tuan Dung
  • Phan Ngoc Minh
  • Phan Ngoc Hong



electrode, porous, hybrid nanomaterials, supercapacitor


Carbon nanotubes (CNTs)-ferrites hybrid nanomaterials have attracted extensive research interest owing to their large specific surfae area, high electrical, thermal conductiviy and outstanding electrochemical properties, which are widely investigated for energy conversion and storage devices. Regular syntheses rely mainly on the in situ growth of ferrite nanoparticles (NPs) in the presence of the preformed CNTs. It is very challenging to control the composition and morphology of the individual components, and to scale-up the synthesis. In this work, ferrite NPs were prepared by  solvothermal method. Porous (3D) CNTs-ferrites hybrid aerogels were fabricated by using freeze gelation method. The results indicate that the obtained 3D CNTs-ferrites aerogels were very porous, highly electrical conductive and have good electrochemical properties.


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