Crystalline Perovskite La 0.67-xLi 3x TiO 3: Preparation and Ionic Conducting Characterization

Nguyen Nang Dinh, Pham Duy Long, Le Dinh Trong
Author affiliations


  • Nguyen Nang Dinh VNU
  • Pham Duy Long IMS, VAST
  • Le Dinh Trong Faculty of Physics, Hanoi Pedagogical University No. 2



Crystalline perovskite La0.67-xLi 3x TiO 3 with x = 0.06, 0.11 and 0.15 were prepared by solid-state-solution reactions at 1350 0 C from TiO 2 , La 2 O 3 and Li 2 CO 3 Crystalline structure of these compounds was analyzed by XRD method. The ionic conducting property of La 0.67-x Li 3xTiO 3 was characterized on AutoLab. Potentiostat-PGS30 system with impedance technique using fitting software program available in the equipment. The highest ion conductivity at room temperature was found for the compound with x =0.11, namely $\sigma$ = 3.1 x 10 -5Scm -1. With increase of temperature the ionic conductivity increased and at 2000C it reached a value in two orders in magnitude higher (6 x 10 -3Scm -1). The activation energy of the compounds was determined on Ln($\sigma$) vs. 1/T plots and found to be as low as 0.36 eV.


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N. N. Dinh, P. D. Long and L. D. Trong, Crystalline Perovskite La<sub> 0.67-x</sub>Li<sub> 3x </sub> TiO <sub> 3</sub>: Preparation and Ionic Conducting Characterization, Comm. Phys. 14 (2007) 90–94. DOI:




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