Journal description

Communications in Physics  (ISSN 0886 - 3166 (print), e-ISSN 2815-5947 (online)) is published by the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology. It is a peer reviewed journal and publishes high-quality articles on fundamental, applied and interdisciplinary physics. The journal publishes 4 issues per year, in March, June, September, and December. It also publishes the procceedings of conferences and workshops  in special issues.

Founded in 1976 by the Vietnam Academy of Science (the former name of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology), the journal had been published in Vietnamese under the name Tạp chí Vật lý with the article's abstrast written in English, French or Russian. 

Since 1991, all journal issues have entirely been published in English with the journal name Communications in Physics.

The journal has the policies on publishing ethics. The journal’s website clearly provides its publication ethics, process for identification of and dealing with allegation of research misconduct, and copyright and licensing information.

Since 2010, all issues of Communications in Physics are also open access. 

Since 2014, all articles have been published with DOI.

Since 2016, all manuscripts are  submitted online via the  online system:

There are no author submission fees or other publication-related charges. All cost for the publication process is supported by Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.