Heavy Diquark Effective Theory and Supersymmetry of Hadrons Containing a Single Heavy Quark


  • Nguyen Ai Viet Information Technology Institute, Vietnam National Univeity




High Energy Physics, Quark, QCD, Diquark, Supersymmetry, Baryons, Mesons


A new supersymmetry is proposed for hadrons containing a single heavy quark.This supersymmetry is based on a new approximation to those hadrons, which wewould consider as a further step beyond the spectator light diquark model ofbaryons. The heavy diquark effective theory is constructed by the techniquesintroduced in a different context by Georgi and Wise [1] and by Carone [2]. This theory can be incorporated into a supersymmetric theory together withHeavy Quark Effective Theory, and leads to a common universal Isgur-Wisefunction for mesons and baryons.


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