New discovery of late early ordovician graptolites and discussion on stratigraphic sequence of paleozoic sediments in the Dinh Ca - Trang Xa Section, Vo Nhai Disctrict, Thai Nguyen Province, Northeast Vietnam

Nguyen Huu Hung*, Nguyen Trung Minh, Doan Dinh Hung, Nguyen Ba Hung


Sandstone, quartzitic sandstone rhythmically interbedded with siltstone, calcareous siltstone and cherty shale are largely exposed in the Dinh Ca - Trang Xa area, Vo Nhai District, Thai Nguyen Province, NE Vietnam. In previous studies, they were described as Mo Dong or Than Sa Formations (Middle-Upper Cambrian). The graptolite faunas newly discovered from the Dinh Ca Market - Na Mo - Dong Bo cross section are composed of Expansograptus urbanus (Monsen), Expansograptus abnormis (Hsu), Tetragraptus quadribrachiatus (Hall), T. approximatus Nicholson, T. pacificus Ruedemann, T. decipiens T.S. Hall, Schizograptus sp., belonging to the quadribrachiatus Biozone, indicating Floian Stage or late Early Ordovician. This serves as the basis for age determination and for establishing new lithostratigraphic units termed as the Dinh Ca Formation (O1 dc) and the Ba Nhat Member. The stratigraphic sequence of Paleozoic sediments in the Dinh Ca - Trang Xa area is also discussed in this paper.


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Graptolite faunas, late Early Ordovician, Dinh Ca Formation, Ba Nhat Member, Thai Nguyen, Vietnam

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