Electrochemical Fabrication of Hybrid Plasmonic-dielectric Nanomaterial Based on Gold-diamond Clusters

Do Hoang Tung, Tran Thi Thuong, Nguyen Thanh Liem, Pham Van Duong, Nghiem Thi Ha Lien, Pham Hong Minh, Andrey Alekseevich Ionin, Alexey Olegovich Levchenko, Andrey Andreevich Rudenko, Irina Nikolaevna Saraeva, Anastasiya Konstantinovna Ivanova, Sergey Ivanovich Kudryashov, Nguyen Luong, Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang


Hybrid plasmonic-dielectric material were fabricated by micro-discharge through water sols of sub-micrometer-sized diamonds mixed with HAuCl4 acid. Primary characterization of their deposits on a silicon wafer surface by means of electron microscopy and energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy indicate close proximity of gold nanoparticles and diamond particles, which is supported by photoluminescence studies demonstrating strong – almost two-fold – damping of diamond luminescence owing to the attachment of gold nanoparticles. UV-near IR spectroscopy of their sols consistently exhibits small red spectral shifts for the fabricated nanomaterial, comparing to bare gold nanoparticles. Keywords: micro-diamonds, gold nanoparticles, hybrid plasmonic-dielectric material, electrochemical fabrication, electron microscopy and optical characterization.


micro-diamonds, gold nanoparticles, hybrid plasmonic-dielectric material, electrochemical fabrication, electron microscopy and optical characterization

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