An error compensation controller for milling robots

Phan Bui Khoi, Ha Thanh Hai, Tran Minh Thuy
Author affiliations


  • Phan Bui Khoi Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam
  • Ha Thanh Hai Hanoi University of Industry, Vietnam
  • Tran Minh Thuy Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam



milling robot, robotic machining, robot dynamics, cutting force calibration, robot control


This paper presents a method of controlling a serial robot for milling by an inverse kinematic controller combined with an outer PD loop (Inverse Dynamics + PD controller), with calibration and compensation of errors in calculating the cutting forces. Because the cutting forces are generated at the time of cutting, at the contact area between the workpiece and the cutting tool, the generalized forces of the cutting forces in the differential equations of motion of robot is always variable and difficult to determine precisely. The cutting forces depend on the cutting mode, the geometric parameters of the cutting layer, the cutting conditions, etc. This study shows an inverse dynamic controller with the outer PD loop and an additional calibration block to compensate the differences between the actual cutting forces and calculated cutting forces (which are caculated by the empirical formula). The cutting forces at each machining time of the calibration block is determined based on the differential equation of motion. The efficiency (convergence time and accuracy) of the proposed controller is evaluated by comparison between the numerical simulation results of the controller with cutting force calibration and the conventional PD controller. In the conventional PD controller, the dynamic model of the robot is assumed to define precisely. The results contribute to design and manufacture the controllers for robotic milling, and to improve the quality of the machined surface.



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