Effects of transverse normal strain on bending of laminated composite beams

Trung-Kien Nguyen, Ngoc-Duong Nguyen
Author affiliations


  • Trung-Kien Nguyen Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education, Vietnam
  • Ngoc-Duong Nguyen Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education, Vietnam




transverse normal strain, Ritz method, static, laminated composite beams


Effect of transverse normal strain on bending of laminated composite beams is proposed in this paper. A Quasi-3D beam theory which accounts for a higher-order variation of both axial and transverse displacements is used to consider the effects of both transverse shear and normal strains on bending behaviours of laminated composite beams. Ritz method is used to solve characteristic equations in which trigonometric shape functions are proposed. Numerical results for different boundary conditions are presented to compare with those from earlier works, and to investigate the effects of thickness stretching, fibre angles, span-to-height ratio and material anisotropy on the displacement and stresses of laminated composite beams.


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