Some preliminary results of paleo-tsunami study in the coastal region of the Nghe An province, Vietnam

Cao Dinh Trieu, Lai Van Dung, Mai Xuan Bach, Pham Nam Hung, Cao Dinh Trong, Thai Anh Tuan, Phan Thanh Quang, Pham Thi Hien, Nguyen Dac Cuong
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  • Cao Dinh Trieu Institute of Geophysics, VAST
  • Lai Van Dung Institute of Geophysics, VAST
  • Mai Xuan Bach Institute of Geophysics, VAST
  • Pham Nam Hung Institute of Geophysics, VAST
  • Cao Dinh Trong Institute of Geophysics, VAST
  • Thai Anh Tuan Institute of Geophysics, VAST
  • Phan Thanh Quang Institute of Geophysics, VAST
  • Pham Thi Hien Institute of Geophysics, VAST
  • Nguyen Dac Cuong Institute of Geophysics, VAST



Paleo-tsunami, arca granosa, placura placenta, Nghe An province (Vietnam).


In the coastal region of the Nghe An province, the geomorphology is characterized by appearances of fields of arca granosa with placura placenta and hills of placura placenta with arca granosa, namely: The hills of placura placenta with the arca granosa shells in the Quynh Van and Nghi Tien communes; the fields of arca granosa with the placura placenta: deep-seated in the Quynh Nghia, Dien Chau and along the Nghi Yen coast  which have age of 4,500 - 4,300 yrs.; The appearance of the placura placenta-arca granosa shell’s fields and hills which do not originate from either marine transgression in the Holocene epoch, tectonic movement or artificiality; Our results suggest that there were three tsunami events occurring in the past during the periods of 4,500 - 4,300; 4,100 - 3,900 and 900 - 600 yrs., respectively in the region.


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Trieu, C. D., Dung, L. V., Bach, M. X., Hung, P. N., Trong, C. D., Tuan, T. A., Quang, P. T., Hien, P. T., & Cuong, N. D. (2017). Some preliminary results of paleo-tsunami study in the coastal region of the Nghe An province, Vietnam. Vietnam Journal of Marine Science and Technology, 17(4B), 108–114.