Peer Review Process

Double-blinded reviews are applied for the Vietnam Journal of Marine Science and Technology. The peer review process of the journal includes steps as follows:

Step 1. After accepting the manuscript as fitting the scope and format of the journal, the Editor-in-Chief and assistant editors select two independent reviewers. The chosen reviewers must meet the following criteria:

- Specialization in the field

- Provide an unbiased opinion.

- No conflicts of interest, particularly with the authors of the paper, in terms of personal or business relationships

- Maintain the confidentiality of the paper's content and the reviewer's article assessment.

Step 2. The assistant editor sends the paper for review. Reviewers receive the complete manuscript (with the author personal data removed) that qualifies for the reviewing process, along with a referee form. The referee form may include additional questions related to the article. The assistant editor also specifies the scope of the review and sets a deadline, typically one month, for the reviewers to submit their feedback.

Step 3. If the two reviewers' opinions differ, the editor-in-chief will choose the third reviewer to have more evidence before deciding on the article manuscript.

Step 4. The personal data of the reviewers are kept confidential during the review process (double-anonymized review).

Step 5. After the completion of the review by the reviewer, the review is forwarded to the editorial board. Upon receiving the review, the assistant editor takes the following actions:

- Informs the authors about the review, mainly when the review does not require significant revisions or only minor adjustments.

- Sends the reviews to the authors, who are responsible for making the necessary corrections to the paper based on the reviewers' comments. Additionally, the authors should prepare a response to the reviewers.

- If a reviewer requests to review the revised paper again, the assistant editor sends the corrected version prepared by the authors back to the reviewer for re-evaluation.

Step 6. The Editor-in-Chief makes the final decision regarding the manuscript, analyzes the remarks provided in the review, and considers the recommendations of the options editor. If the manuscript is accepted, it will be edited by an option editor and corrected by English editors.

Step 7. After typesetting and formatting, the final version of the manuscript is sent to the authors for their review and any necessary author corrections. The paper is ready for publication once the authors have made the necessary corrections.


REVIEW GUIDELINE: Review Guideline can be download from here.