Light Absorption and Luminescence Properties of the Blend Poly(N-vinylcarbazole)/Poly(N-hexylthiophene)

Nguyen Phuong Hoai Nam, Hoang Mai Ha, Ngo Trinh Tung, Dang Dinh Long, Nguyen Khac Quan, Vu Duy Liem


We have investigated the enhancement absorption light and luminescence properties of the blend conducting polymers using poly(N-vinylcarbazole) and poly(N-hexylthiophene). The optimized

material showed a broad absorption in the region of ultra violet to near infra-red and the better of luminescence ability than the pristine conducting polymers. The remarkable improvements in photoluminescences of the blends provide useful information to the application of this material in fabrication of optical – electronic devices.



PVK, Conducting polymer, Blend polymer, Light absorption, P3HT

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