Luminescence quenching of Sm3+ ions in alkali borotellurite glasses


  • Vu Phi Tuyen Graduate University of Science and Technology (GUST)
  • Phan Van Do Thuyloi University, 175 TaySon, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam



alkali borotellurite glass, luminescence quenching


The dependence of luminescence intensity on  Sm\(^{3 + }\) ions concentration in alkali borotellurite (ABTe) glasses has  been studied. The quenching of luminescence intensity happens  around 0.75 mol% concentration of Sm\(^{3 + }\) ions and it can relate the  energy transfer process through cross--relaxation (CR), the CR channels in  ABTe: Sm\(^{3 + }\) have been shown. The method of Van Uitert was used to find  the dominant interaction mechanism for energy transfer process.



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Tuyen, V. P., & Do, P. V. (2016). Luminescence quenching of Sm3+ ions in alkali borotellurite glasses. Communications in Physics, 26(2), 193.




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