Magnetophonon Resonance in Quantum Wells with Parabolic Potential

Bui Dinh Hoi, Vo Thanh Lam, Tran Cong Phong


The linear dc magnetoconductivity in the
$(x,y)$ plane of a parabolic quantum well, with a magnetic field
$\vec B = B\vec e_z$ applied, is evaluated for electron - optical
phonon interaction. For nonpolar optical and polar optical phonons,
the magneto-conductivity oscillates as a function of the magnetic
field with resonances occurring when $P\omega_c=\omega_0$, where
$\omega_c$ and $\omega_0$ are cyclotron frequency and optical phonon
frequency, respectively, and where $P$ is an integer. The analytic
results are numerically evaluated to show explicitly the dependence
of magneto-conductivity on the magnetic field, the confinement
frequency in $z$ direction, and the temperature of the system.

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