Quasi Three-parametric \(R\)-matrix and Quantum Supergroups \(GL_{p,q}(1/1)\) and \(U_{p,q}[\textit{gl}(1/1)]\)


  • Nguyen Thi Hong Van Institute of Physics, VAST
  • Nguyen Anh Ky Institute of Physics, VAST




Quantum supergroup, R-matrix, Drinfel'd-Jimbo deformation, Multi- parametric quantum deformation


An overparametrized (three-parametric) R-matrix satisfying a graded Yang-Baxter equation is introduced. It turns out that such an overparametrization is very helpful. Indeed, this R-matrix with one of the parameters being auxiliary, thus, reducible to a two-parametric R-matrix, allows the construction of quantum supergroups GLp,q(1/1) and Up,q[gl(1/1)] which, respectively, are two-parametric deformations of the supergroup GL(1/1) and the universal enveloping algebra U[gl(1/1)]. These two-parametric quantum deformations GLpq(1/1) and Upq[gl(1/1)], to our knowledge, are constructed for the first time via the present approach. The quantum deformation Up,q[gl(1/1)] obtained here is a true two-parametric deformation of Drinfel’d-Jimbo’s type, unlike some other one obtained previously elsewhere.


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