Vol. 28 No. 4 (2018)

Combined Sensitivity of T2K-II and NOνA Experiments to CP Violation in Lepton Sector

Tran Van Ngoc
Institute For Interdisciplinary Research in Science and Education
Cao Van Son
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Nguyen Thi Hong Van
Institute of Physics, VAST and Institute For Interdisciplinary Research in Science and Education

Published 27-12-2018


  • CP violation,
  • neutrinos,
  • T2K experiment,
  • NOvA experiment

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Ngoc, T. V., Son, C. V., & Van, N. T. H. (2018). Combined Sensitivity of T2K-II and NOνA Experiments to CP Violation in Lepton Sector. Communications in Physics, 28(4), 337. https://doi.org/10.15625/0868-3166/28/4/12930


In this paper, we study the combined sensitivity of T2K-II and NOvA, the world leading long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments, to CP violation in lepton sector. By operating until the year 2026, T2K-II is expected to collect a total exposure of \(20 \times 10^{21}\) protons-on-target. Meanwhile, NO$\nu$A experiment plan to expend the run up to 2024. By combining T2K-II and NO\(\nu\)A with an ultimate constraint from reactor, the sensitivity to CP-violation is expected to exceed $4\sigma$ C.L. It is also pointed out that by reducing the systematic uncertainties of both T2K-II and NO$\nu$A to a level of  2\%, the sensitivity to CP-violation will significantly increase with a discovery possibility at 5$\sigma$ C.L. significance for a particular range of true \(\delta_{CP}\).


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