Results of magnetotelluric survey for studying geothermal system in the Bang area, Quang Binh province

Doan Van Tuyen, Tran Anh Vu, Lai Hop Phong, Le Van Si, Pham Ngoc Dat, Duong Thi Ninh, Dinh Van Toan, Nguyen Thi Hong Quang


This paper presents the first results from the application of magnetotelluric method (MT) using the new equipment MTU 2000 (Canada) and analysis software to investigate the structure of geothermal area around the Bang hot water source (Quang Binh province). Results of data analysis by MT 1D and 2D models to a depth of 20 km show low resistivity zone in the southwest of Bang hot water (100°C) and allow for interpreting the structural elements of athehydro- geothermal system. This includes a very low resistivity layer at depth of 2 km suggesting a clay cap (heat resistive shield), a relatively low resistivity zone at depth ≥ 2 km reflecting  fractured rocks containing geothermal fluid and hot steam. A lower resistivity body at depth of 12-14 km located about 1.5 km from the hot water source indicates the existence of a heat source or a hot mass of intrusive magma., commonly thought to be sources of typical hydro- geothermal systems potential for energy exploitation. The obtained results not only provide new information for better understanding geothermal resource in the surveyed area, but also point out the methods and technology needed to improve the effectiveness for assessing potential of geothermal resources elsewhere in Vietnam.


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