Modal analysis of damaged structures by the modified finite element method


  • Nguyen Cao Menh
  • Nguyen Tien Khiem
  • Dao Nhu Mai
  • Nguyen Viet Khoa



The classical 3D beam element has been modified and developed as a new finite element for vibration analysis of frame structures with flexible connections and cracked members. The mass and stiffness matrices of the modified elements are established basing on a new form of shape functions, which are obtained in investigating a beam with flexible supports and crack modeled through equivalent springs. These shape functions remain the cubic polynomial form and contain flexible connection (or crack) parameters. They do not change standard procedure of the finite element method (FEM). Therefore, the presented method is easy for engineers in application and allows to analyze Eigen-parameters of structures as functions of the connection (or crack) parameters. The proposed approach has been applied to calculate natural frequencies and mode shape of typical frame structures in presented examples.


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Menh, N. C., Khiem, N. T., Mai, D. N., & Khoa, N. V. (1998). Modal analysis of damaged structures by the modified finite element method. Vietnam Journal of Mechanics, 20(1), 29–46.



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