Klein-Gordon-Fock equation from Einstein general relativity

Vo Van Thuan
Author affiliations


  • Vo Van Thuan Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute (VINATOM)




time-space symmetry, general relativity, microscopic cosmological model, wave-like solution, Klein-Gordon-Fock equation.


A time-space symmetry based cylindrical model of geometrical dynamics was proposed. Accordingly, the solution of Einstein gravitational equation in vacuum has a duality: an exponential solution and a wave-like one.  The former leads to a "microscopic" cosmological model with Hubble expansion. Due to interaction of a Higgs-like cosmological potential, the original time-space symmetry is spontaneously broken, inducing a strong time-like curvature and a weak space-like deviation curve.  In the result, the wave-like solution leads  to Klein-Gordon-Fock equation which would serve  an explicit approach to the problem of consistency between quantum mechanics and general relativity.


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V. V. Thuan, “Klein-Gordon-Fock equation from Einstein general relativity”, Comm. Phys., vol. 26, no. 2, p. 181, Sep. 2016.



Received 10-03-2016
Published 27-09-2016