Inverted neutrino mass hierarchy and mixing in the Zee-Babu model

Vo Van Vien, Hoang Ngoc Long, Phan Ngoc Thu
Author affiliations


  • Vo Van Vien
  • Hoang Ngoc Long
  • Phan Ngoc Thu



neutrino mass and mixing, non-standard-model neutrinos, Zee-Babu model


We show that the neutrino mass matrix of the Zee-Babu model isable to fit the recent data on neutrino masses and mixingwith non-zero $\theta_{13}$ in the inverted neutrino mass hierarchy. The results show that the Majorana  phases are equal to zero and the Dirac phase ($\de$) ispredicted to either $0$ or $\pi$, i. e, there is no CP violation in the Zee-Babu model at the two loop level. The effective mass governingneutrinoless double beta decay and the sum of neutrino masses areconsistent with the recent analysis.


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Received 05-01-2016
Published 25-03-2016