Vibrational anharmonicity of A-band related optical center and its temperature dependence studied by femtosecond laser excitation in bulk natural diamond

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natural diamond, A-band, femtosecond laser, photoluminescence, temperature effect, dislocations


Unusual A-band spectra with well-resolved quasi-periodical phonon progressions of multiple peaks (N\(\sim \)9) were excited in a natural diamond by 515-nm, 300-fs laser pulses at variable pre-heating temperatures of 24-200oC. The non-radiative multi-phonon part of the relaxation path was comparable with the total relaxation energy (zero-phonon line energy), pointing out some extended defects (e.g., dislocations) as the recombination center of the A-band emission. The derived temperature dependences of the peak intensities, separations and half-widths of the separate spectral peaks in the A-band phonon progressions indicate the different trends for vibration-free zero-phonon transition and vibration-related lower-energy transitions to high vibrational levels of the bottom state – lower thermal damping and more softened phonon for the zero-phonon transition, also implying the extended defect origin of the A-band photoluminescence.


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S. Kudryashov, P. Danilov, N. Smirnov, and V. Kovalov, “Vibrational anharmonicity of A-band related optical center and its temperature dependence studied by femtosecond laser excitation in bulk natural diamond”, Comm. Phys., vol. 34, no. 1, p. 1, Mar. 2024.



Received 28-10-2023
Accepted 06-12-2023
Published 15-03-2024