Vol. 32 No. 4 (2022)

Spin-current in a Magnetic Semiconductor Tunnel Junction: Effect of External Bias Voltage

Hoai T. L. Nguyen
Institute of Physics

Published 06-09-2022


  • spin-orbit interaction,
  • III-V semiconductor,
  • magnetic tunnel junction,
  • spin-current,
  • multi-band transport,
  • transfer matrix,
  • k.p method
  • ...More

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Nguyen, T. L., Drouhin, H.-J., & hoai, nguyen. (2022). Spin-current in a Magnetic Semiconductor Tunnel Junction: Effect of External Bias Voltage. Communications in Physics, 32(4), 413. https://doi.org/10.15625/0868-3166/17046

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This paper investigates spin-current transport in a GaMnAs/GaAs/GaMnAs magnetic semiconductor tunnel junctions under applied bias voltages. The 30-band k.p approach is used to describe the materials within the heterostructure, incorporating both spin-orbit and exchange interactions. We use the transfer-matrix formalism to derive numerical solutions for the wave functions. At specific bias values, we calculate the polarization of the spin-current component along the z direction of the structure. We show oscillations of the two spin-current components perpendicular to the magnetization with equal polarization amplitude and characteristic period. The polarization amplitude varies around 10%, reflecting the typical polarization in such type of material. The oscillation period - which relates to the Larmor frequency for spin precession - increases with the bias voltage values.


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