Investigation of the FCNC Processes in the 3-4-1-1 Model


  • D. T. Huong Institute of Physics
  • L. X. Thuy
  • N. T. Nhuan
  • H. T. Phuong



Dark matter, standard model, models beyond the standard model


We study the FCNC problems
in  3-4-1-1  model in a way different from the previous work. The sources of FCNC at the tree-level in the  3-4-1-1 model come from both the gauge and scalar sectors. We show that the most stringently bound on the tree-level FCNC interactions comes from the meson oscillations. The lower bound on the new physics scale is imposed more tightly than in the previous work, \(M_{new} > 22\) TeV. On the allowed value domain of the new physical scale, we show that the contribution of the tree-level FCNC interactions to the BrB\(_s \rightarrow \mu^+ \mu^-)\) is negligible.


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Author Biography

D. T. Huong, Institute of Physics

Centre for Theoretical Physics


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Huong, D. T., Thuy, L. X., Nhuan, N. T., & Phuong, H. T. (2021). Investigation of the FCNC Processes in the 3-4-1-1 Model. Communications in Physics, 31(4), 399.