Vol. 30 No. 4 (2020)

Nonlinear Double-arm Optical Tweezers for Controlling 3D Microspheres

Nguyen Manh Thang
Academy of Military Science and Technology
Cover Vol 30 No 4 December 2020

Published 20-10-2020


  • nonlinear optics,
  • optical tweezers,
  • biophysics

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Thang, N. M. (2020). Nonlinear Double-arm Optical Tweezers for Controlling 3D Microspheres. Communications in Physics, 30(4), 355. https://doi.org/10.15625/0868-3166/30/4/15373


In this paper, a new nonlinear double-arm optical tweezer combining Mach-Zenhder interferometer, objective lens and organic dye layer is proposed. Based on the ray-optical and wave optical approximations, the expression describing the separation of two trap centers and laser intensity distribution is derived. The obtained results show that the separation between two trap centers, the laser intensity distribution, trap region's area and optical trap efficiency can be controlled by tuning laser power. The proposed model is seen to be a double-arm optical tweezer for controlling 3D microsphere by optical method.


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