A modified averaging operator with some applications

Anh Tay Nguyen, N. D. Anh
Author affiliations


  • Anh Tay Nguyen SUNY Korea, Incheon, Republic of Korea
  • N. D. Anh Institute of Mechanics, VAST, Hanoi, Vietnam




weighted local averaging, Galerkin method, buckling, Euler column, free vibration, strong nonlinearity


The paper presents a new approach to the conventional averaging in which the role of boundary values is considered in a more detailed way. It results in a new weighted local averaging operator (WLAO) taking into account the particular role of boundary values. A remarkable feature of WLAO is that this operator contains a parameter of boundary regulation p and depends on a local value h of the integration domain. By varying these two parameters one can regulate the obtained approximate solutions in order to get more accurate ones. It has been shown that the combination of WLAO with Galerkin method can lead to an effective approximate tool for the buckling problem of columns and for the frequency analysis of free vibration of strongly nonlinear systems. 


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