Improved method for hydrochemical exploration of mineral resources


  • Nguyen Van Luyen* Department of Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology and Hydrogeoecology, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk, Russian Federation
  • Oleg G. Savichev
  • Viktor A. Domarenko
  • Quach Duc Tin



Hydrochemical exploration, hydrochemical background, anomaly


The article deals with a method for hydrochemical exploration and poorly studied areas based on the simulation and statistical modeling of the hydrochemical field. The peculiarity of the method is a prospecting area spotting under the following conditions: (1) the maximal ratio between river basin in the Riverhead without evident channel network and the total river basin; (2) the river network and tectonic deformations maximum; (3) presence of low-flow rate sections with relatively sharp breaks in grade of the water surface (outflow of rivers from mountainous areas onto the sub-mountain plain, extended sections of channel multi-branching). A sampling of 2-3 samples of surface water, 2-3 samples of river bed sediments, and 2-3 samples of ground water is taken at prospective sections and contiguous territories and the chemical composition determined. The geo-informational analysis and obtained data are used to determine the parameters of the model of the area under study, a predictive assessment of the hydrochemical indicators for prospective sections is carried out, and a detailed examination is planned and performed. The expected reduction in the cost of exploration compared to currently used methods is approximately 20%.


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Luyen*, N. V., Savichev, O. G., Domarenko, V. A., & Tin, Q. D. (2017). Improved method for hydrochemical exploration of mineral resources. Vietnam Journal of Earth Sciences, 39(2), 167–180.