Automatic detection of surface water bodies from Sentinel-1 SAR images using Valley-Emphasis method

Nguyen Ba Duy
Author affiliations


  • Nguyen Ba Duy University of Mining and Geology



Surface Water body, Valley-Emphasis Algorithm, Sentinel-1, SAR


Surface water resource plays as an important role in human daily life and in the eco-environment. In the study Valley-Emphasis method of automatic water extraction was employed to identify surface water bodies at three study areas, having different landscapes and covers, using Sentinel-1A IW images  widely used automated Otsu method was performed for extracting surface water bodies to compare proposed method. The results of proposal method were compared to those of widely used Otsu method and the reference data (e.g. Lansat 7, 8) gave the highest Completeness (User accuracy), Correctness (Producer accuracy) and Quality (Overall accuracies) at 98.8%, 90.7 % and 89.7 %, respectively. The employed method is straightforward, easy to implement and may be applied for other areas even at regional or global scales. The method also improves automatic identification level of surface water bodies, providing essential information for flood disaster research.


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Duy, N. B. (2015). Automatic detection of surface water bodies from Sentinel-1 SAR images using Valley-Emphasis method. Vietnam Journal of Earth Sciences, 37(4), 328–343.