A new record of species Asarum cordifolium C. E. C. Fischer (Aristolochiaceae) for the flora of Vietnam

Nguyen Anh Tuan, Tran Huy Thai, Jenn-Che Wang, Chang-Tse Lu
Author affiliations


  • Nguyen Anh Tuan Publishing House for Science and Technology, VAST
  • Tran Huy Thai Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, VAST
  • Jenn-Che Wang National Taiwan Normal University
  • Chang-Tse Lu National Taiwan Normal University




Aristolochiaceae, Asarum cordifolium, Sa Pa (Lao Cai province)


The genus Asarum L. comprised about 90 species, mainly distributed in East Asia (Chinna, Japan and Vietnam), North America and European. There were 7 species of Asarum recorded in Vietnam. This paper reported the species Asarum cordifolium C. E. C. Fischer  newly recorded for the flora of Vietnam.

Asarum cordifolium C. E. C. Fischer: Herbs, rhizomes horizontal, height 15-25 cm, internodes 2-3 cm. Leaves solitary, 1-4; orbicular, 7-8 × 8-12 cm; leaf edges entire, villous; leaf blade densely white pubescents; petiole 12-20 cm, viollus; lateral veins 5. Single flower, red, white pubescents; peduncle 2 cm, densly white bubencents. Cataphylls lanceolate. Sepals free; lobes red, 1.2 × 2.0 cm; apex abuptly narrowed to a slender cauda 1-1.5 cm. Petals 3, needle, red, 0.3 cm. Stamens 12, filament as long as anthers, red-purple; connectives extended beyond anthers, tongue. Styles 6-connate, as long as anthers; apex entire. Ovary middle. Fl. Oct-Nov. Dense forest, moist valleys; 1.500-1.600 m. Sa Pa (Lao Cai province), Assam (India) and N Myanmar.


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Tuan, N. A., Thai, T. H., Wang, J.-C., & Lu, C.-T. (2012). A new record of species Asarum cordifolium C. E. C. Fischer (Aristolochiaceae) for the flora of Vietnam. Academia Journal of Biology, 34(2), 197–200. https://doi.org/10.15625/0866-7160/v34n2.959




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