A new species of \(\textit{Billolivia}\) (Gesneriaceae) from Vietnam

Ngoc Long Vu, Hieu Cuong Nguyen, Huu Dang Tran, Hong Truong Luu
Author affiliations


  • Ngoc Long Vu Southern Institute of Ecology, VAST, Vietnam
  • Hieu Cuong Nguyen Southern Institute of Ecology, VAST, Vietnam
  • Huu Dang Tran Southern Institute of Ecology, VAST, Vietnam
  • Hong Truong Luu Southern Institute of Ecology,Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology




Billolivia maiana, Gesneriaceae, narrowly endemic, Central Highlands, Vietnam.


Billolivia maiana is described as a new species narrowly endemic to Cu Prong mountain, Dak Lak province, Central Highlands of Vietnam. This third recorded yellow-flowered species of the genus is characterized by the absence of stolons, glabrous young leaves, smaller leaves with short petioles, compacted inflorescence with short peduncles, rays and pedicels, white upper lobes of corolla with yellow margin and purple lines throughout, undulate disc-lobes and glabrous ovary. The new taxon is described and illustrated with field photographs of detailed botanical characteristics and assessed as CR following the IUCN Redlist Categories. A key to all yellow-flowered Billolivia taxa is provided.


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Long Vu, N., Cuong Nguyen, H., Dang Tran, H., & Luu, H. T. (2023). A new species of \(\textit{Billolivia}\) (Gesneriaceae) from Vietnam. Academia Journal of Biology, 45(3), 81–85. https://doi.org/10.15625/2615-9023/18594