First record of \(\textit{Opisthotropis durandi}\) Teynié, Lottier, David, Nguyen & Vogel, 2014 (Squamata: Natricidae) from Vietnam

Ha Van Nghia, Thoma Ziegler, Nguyen Quang Truong, Le Duc Minh, Luu Quang Vinh
Author affiliations


  • Ha Van Nghia Vietnam National University of Forestry, Vietnam
  • Thoma Ziegler Institute of Zoology, Cologne University, Germany
  • Nguyen Quang Truong Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, VAST, Vietnam
  • Le Duc Minh University of Science, Vietnam National University, Vietnam
  • Luu Quang Vinh Vietnam National University of Forestry



New record, taxonomy, morphology, molecular, snake, Dien Bien, Vietnam


We provide the first country record of Opisthotropis durandi Teynié, Lottier, David, Nguyen & Vogel, 2014 from Vietnam based on a single snake specimen from Dien Bien province. The species previously was only known from the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos). DNA sequence data of a male specimen from Vietnam match those of one a specimen of O. durandi from Phongsali province, Laos, and the newly collected individual from Vietnam also corresponds O. durandi in terms of diagnostic morphological features, except for a slightly higher ventral number (185 versus 177−181).


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Van Nghia, H., Ziegler, T., Quang Truong, N., Duc Minh, L., & Quang Vinh, L. (2023). First record of \(\textit{Opisthotropis durandi}\) Teynié, Lottier, David, Nguyen & Vogel, 2014 (Squamata: Natricidae) from Vietnam. Academia Journal of Biology, 45(2), 1–7.