Two new species of genus \(\textit{Helicteres}\) (Helicteroideae, Malvaceae) from Vietnam


  • Van Son Dang Institute of Tropical Biology, VAST , Vietnam
  • Ba Vuong Truong Institute of Genome Research, VAST, Vietnam
  • Nghia Son Hoang Institute of Tropical Biology, VAST, Vietnam
  • Van Tu Nguyen Institute of Tropical Biology, VAST, Vietnam
  • Quoc Bao Nguyen Institute of Tropical Biology, VAST, Vietnam
  • Quoc Trong Pham Institute of Tropical Biology, VAST, Vietnam
  • Van Tho Le Institute of Tropical Biology, VAST, Vietnam
  • Cam Nhung Kieu Graduate University of Science and Technology, VAST, Vietnam
  • Van Huong Bui Tropical Biosphere Research Center, University of the Ryukyus, Japan
  • Akiyo Naiki Tropical Biosphere Research Center, University of the Ryukyus, Japan



Two new species of genus Helicteres (Malvaceae, Helicteroideae), Helicteres Taynguyenenis and Helicteres dakmilensis from the Central Highlands of Vietnam are described and illustrated. H. taynguyenensis is morphologically similar to Helicteres angustifolia widely distributed in mainland SE Asia to China, Japan and Australia, but differs from the latter by having shorter petioles, larger calyx and petals, and longer androgynophores. Helicteres dakmilensis is closely related to Helicteres poilanei endemic to Vietnam, but distinguished by shorter petioles, fewer secondary veins, persistent stipules and bracts, larger calyx and fruits. The IUCN conservation status, vernacular name, illustrations, photographs, and comparison with the closest allies are provided for each of the new species.


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Author Biography

Van Son Dang, Institute of Tropical Biology, VAST , Vietnam

VNM Herbarium, ITB


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Dang, V. S., Truong, B. V., Hoang, N. S., Nguyen, V. T., Nguyen, Q. B., Pham, Q. T., Le, V. T., Kieu, C. N., Bui, V. H., & Naiki, A. (2022). Two new species of genus \(\textit{Helicteres}\) (Helicteroideae, Malvaceae) from Vietnam. Academia Journal of Biology, 44(4), 123–132.