\(\textit{Schisandra grandiflora}\) (Wall.) Hook. F. & Thomson (Schisandraceae: sect. \(\textit{Pleiostema}\)), a new record for the flora of Vietnam


  • Nguyen The Cuong Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, VAST, Vietnam
  • Do Van Hai Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, VAST, Vietnam
  • Duong Thi Hoan Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, VAST, Vietnam




Schisandra grandiflora (Wall.) Hook. f. & Thomson (Schisandraceae: sect. Pleiostema), the specimens collected in Ha Giang, Cao Bang, and Vinh Phuc provinces, as a new recorded species for the flora of Vietnam. A morphological comparison with related species and a key to species in Vietnam was provided. A description including details of distribution and habitat is supplied with a line-drawing.


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Author Biography

Nguyen The Cuong, Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, VAST, Vietnam

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The Cuong, N., Van Hai, D., & Thi Hoan, D. (2022). \(\textit{Schisandra grandiflora}\) (Wall.) Hook. F. & Thomson (Schisandraceae: sect. \(\textit{Pleiostema}\)), a new record for the flora of Vietnam. Academia Journal of Biology, 44(4), 47–52. https://doi.org/10.15625/2615-9023/17184




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