Preliminary study on phytogeography of Dipterocarpaceae Blume family in Vietnam


  • Vu Anh Tai Institute of Geography (VAST)
  • Pham The Vinh Institute of Geography (VAST)
  • Tran Thi Thuy Van Institute of Geography (VAST)
  • Le Thi Kim Thoa
  • Le Duc Hoang
  • Ngo Thi Bich Hong



Dipterocarps family, Indochina floristic region, North Indochinese floristic province, Annamese floristic province, South Indochinese floristic province, Phytogeographical phylogeny, Endemic species


Biogeographically mapping flora of Vietnam requires the studies on the distribution of some important species groups for identifying the typical species composition of each phytochorion. The Dipterocarpaceae family contains taxa originated in tropical Asia and its subfamily of Dipterocarpoideae is proved to have Southeast Asia origin. In Vietnam, this family includes 43 species in 7 genera. In this study, Dipterocarpaceae species from 645 sites in Vietnam are assessed and compared to those in over the world. In Vietnam, this family distributes in tropical and/or slightly passing to subtropical climate but none of its species is naturally found in the Red River and the Mekong River deltas. In the world, the Dipterocarpaceae species found in Vietnam concentrated distributes in Indochina floristic region, corresponding to the originative area of South Myanmar. Statistically, there are 12 endemic species for the Indochinese floristic region and five of them are endemic for four provinces of this region related to Vietnam, respectively as follows: South China - 1, North Indochina - 1, South Indochina - 2 and Annam - 1. Additionally, some species distribute in East Asia floristic region of Holarctic Kingdom because of expanding the distribution area from the Indochinese floristic region. All genera of this family in Vietnam were originated in the Indochinese floristic region. Moreover, the floristic data and phytogeographical phylogeny diagram, based on analyses of phytogeography and DNA, would be better to use for finding out the distributional source or the forming time of species or genus, then the phylogenetic diagram.


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Tai, V. A., Vinh, P. T., Van, T. T. T., Thoa, L. T. K., Hoang, L. D., & Hong, N. T. B. (2017). Preliminary study on phytogeography of Dipterocarpaceae Blume family in Vietnam. Vietnam Journal of Earth Sciences, 39(4), 337–344.