NOTICE 2-2019


Call for paper:  Special Issues “Data mining in Earth Sciences”

Data mining has been widely used to solve a lot of problems in Earth Sciences such as geo-hazards assessment and prediction, groundwater quality and potential prediction, land use-land cover detection, etc. Nowadays, with the emergence of new technologies such as GIS, remote sensing, automation, smart equipment like mobile phone, a huge amount of data is being generated in Earth Sciences, which creates challenges on how to analyze this data to discover the useful knowledge for solving real-world problems.

In recent years, new advanced techniques like Artificial Intelligence - AI (Machine learning and deep learning) have been developed and applied effectively in data mining of many earth sciences problems such as geo-environmental and geotechnical problems. Many new hybrid and advanced AI techniques are being proposed. Development and application of these techniques in data mining of Earth Sciences are required with new case studies.

The main objective of the special issue is to collect state-of-the-art research findings on the latest developments and challenges in the field of data mining for earth sciences. High-quality original research papers that present theoretical frameworks, methodologies, and application o case studies from a single- or cross-country perspective are welcome, as well as review articles.

Potential topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

      Data mining techniques, including classification, association, outlier detection, clustering, regression, and prediction, for decision-making, used in Earth Sciences

      Cutting-edge data mining methods, such as machine learning and deep learning for data mining in Earth Sciences

      Real-world problems in Earth Sciences such as geohazards (landslides, floods, and earthquakes), forest fire, groundwater quality and potential assessment, geo-environmental and geotechnical problems, land use/land cover detection, and any Earth Sciences related problems.

 Guest Editors

Lead Guest Editor: Binh Thai Pham, University of Transport Technology, email:

Guest Editors

Hai-Bang Ly, University of Transport Technology, email:

Chong Chong Qi, Central South University, email:

Abolfazl Jaafari, Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands, email:

Ataollah Shirzadi, University of Kurdistan, email:

Submitted deadline: 30 April 2020.

Posted: 2019-10-09

NOTICE 1 - 2019

We have submitted our journal for the inclusion in the Web of Science and Scopus. You can check the progress of the evaluation of Scopus from… We hope the Vietnam Journal of Earth Sciences will be the second Vietnam Journal in the Web of Science. The first journal is Biomedical Research and Therapy. Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology has several journals included in Web of science but published by Springer and IOP publishing. We invite warmly scientists and friends to submit high-quality articles to our journal. Please visit the facebook of Vietnam Jornal of Earth Sciences and share to your friends.
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NOTICE 2- 2018


Vietnam Journal of Earth Sciences is pleased to present the report of the Editor-in-Chief in the ceremony of 40th anniversary of VJES:

Posted: 2018-10-01

NOTICE 1- 2018

Vietnam Journal of Earth Sciences is pleased to introduce the address of international conferences that scientists can publish the proceeding of conferences having Scopus/ISI index. You can see more detail at
According to Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Vietnam Journal of Earth Sciences is the ranking of 340 between 636 items in Earth Sciences. VJES goes up more than 300 steps in 2017.
According to Citationgate of Vietnam National University, Hanoi, VJES is the ranking of 7 between all items of Vietnam Journals for two late years 2016-2017
Posted: 2018-07-02

NOTICE - 2017


We are pleased to inform that Vietnam Journal of Earth Sciences has received in 2017 new indexes from NRSJ (Norway)GeoRef (American Geosciences Institute)Scilit (Switzerland)Copernicus InternationalACI. Many articles published by VJES are cited in 2017 by ISI, Scopus journals. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all authors and Editorial board of Vietnam journal of Earth Sciences.

Posted: 2017-11-21

NOTICE - 2016

We are pleased to present the following series of Dr. Angel Borja, regarded as the standards of Elsevier journals  to help young authors, writing  for the first time  in accordance with the international  criterion.  Readers can read and download at the following address:
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