Vol 39, No 2 (2017)

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New discovery of prehistoric archaeological remnants in volcanic caves in K’Rongno, Dak Nong province PDF
La The Phuc*, Nguyen Khac Su, Vu Tien Duc, Luong Thi Tuat, Phan Thanh Toan, Nguyen Thanh Tung, Nguyen Trung Minh 97-108
Shifting challenges for coastal green cities PDF
Nguyen Van Thanh, Dang Thanh Le, Nguyen An Thinh, Tran Dinh Lan, Luc Hens* 109-129
Characteristics of soil acidification of haplic Acrisols on ancient alluvial deposits under intensive cassava cultivation in Chau Thanh district, Tay Ninh province PDF
Nguyen Tho*, Nguyen Thi Hoa 130-138
Assessment of earthquake-induced ground liquefaction susceptibility for Hanoi city using geological and geomorphologic characteristics PDF
Bui Thi Nhung*, Nguyen Hong Phuong, Nguyen Ta Nam 139-154
Construction of initial national quasi-geoid model VIGAC2017, first step to national spatial reference system in Vietnam PDF
Ha Minh Hoa 155-166
Improved method for hydrochemical exploration of mineral resources PDF
Nguyen Van Luyen*, Oleg G. Savichev, Viktor A. Domarenko, Quach Duc Tin 167-180
Application of stable isotope analysis methods for reconstructing paleoenvironment and paleoclimate in sediment cores PDF
Dang Minh Quan, Pham Thao Nguyen, Luu Viet Dung, Tran Dang Quy, Nguyen Tai Tue* 181-192

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