Vol 39, No 3 (2017)


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Surface sediment grain-size distribution and sediment transport in the subaqueous Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Nguyen Trung Thanh, Karl Stattegger, Daniel Unverricht, Charles Nittrouer, Phung Van Phach, Paul Liu, Bui Viet Dung, Le Duc Anh, Le Duc Dong 193-209
Assessment of heavy metal pollution in abandoned Giap Lai pyrite mine (Phu Tho Province)
Pham Tich Xuan, Nguyen Thi Lien, Pham Thanh Dang, Doan Thi Thu Tra, Nguyen Van Pho, Nguyen Xuan Qua, Hoang Thi Tuyet Nga 210-224
Abnormal features of oceanographic characteristics in upwelling Vietnam waters under impact of El Niño events
Tong Phuoc Hoang Son, Tran Van Chung, Nguye Huu Huan, Ngo Manh Tien, Vu Van Tac, Nguyen Hoang Thai Khang, Nguyen Truong Thanh Hoi, Marine Herrmann, Eko Siswanto 225-239
The relation between fault movement potential and seismic activity of major faults in Northwestern Vietnam
Bui Van Duan, Nguyen Anh Duong 240-255
Remote Sensing for Monitoring Surface Water Quality in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta: The Application for Estimating Chemical Oxygen Demand in River Reaches in Binh Dai, Ben Tre
Nguyen Thi Binh Phuong, Van Pham Dang Tri, Nguyen Ba Duy, Nguyen Chanh Nghiem 256-268

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