Vol 24, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents


The Bulk Metric in the Theory with Two Extra Dimensions PDF
Tran Huu Phat, Phan Hong Lien, Ha Van Chung 1
Leptogenesis in \(A_4\) Flavor Symmetry Model by Renormalization Group Evolution PDF
Nguyen Thanh Phong 9
A New Solution to the Structure Equation in Noncommutative Spacetime PDF
Nguyen Ai Viet 21
Heavy Diquark Effective Theory and Supersymmetry of Hadrons Containing a Single Heavy Quark PDF
Nguyen Ai Viet 35
New Aspects on Stability Analysis of a Planar Charge-varying Collisional Dust Molecular Cloud with Finite Thermal Inertia PDF
P. K. Karmakar, B. Borah 45
Epitaxial Growth of High Curie-Temperature Ge1-xMnx quantum dots on Si(001) by auto-assembly PDF
Luong Thi Kim Phuong, An Manh Nguyen 69
Influence of Annealing Conditions on Structure and Critical Parameters of Ni50Mn37Sn13 Magnetocaloric Material PDF
Nguyen Huy Dan, Nguyen Manh An 79
Influence of Blocking Effect and Energetic Disorder on Diffusion in One-dimensional Lattice PDF
Mai Thị Lan, Nguyen Van Hong, Nguyen Thu Nhan, Hoang Van Hue 85

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