Mini-review. Perspective on biomass derived bio-oil valorization in Vietnam

Huynh Minh Thuan, Duong Thanh Long, Nguyen Huynh Hung My, Phan Minh Quoc Binh, Nguyen Huu Luong
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  • Huynh Minh Thuan
  • Duong Thanh Long
  • Nguyen Huynh Hung My
  • Phan Minh Quoc Binh
  • Nguyen Huu Luong



Bio-oil valorization, bio-oil/diesel emulsion, co-feeding, deoxygenation, refinery units


Various  strategies  for  biomass derived bio-oil valorization  as  a  renewable  feedstock  for  chemicals  and  fuels  are described.  Starting  from  the  role  of  renewable  resources  (e.g.  biomass,  bio-oil)  in  the  future  energy  and  chemical community, an overview on current energy supply situation and the role of biomass and related products are discussed. Later,  summary  of  bio-oil  production  from  biomass  and  the  need  for  upgrading  to  further  uses  is  represented. Subsequently,  the  valorization  of  bio-oil  as  fuels  and  feedstocks  are  intensively  summarized,  showing  the  potential utilization  of  bio-oils  via  such  processes.  Some  studies  on  biomass  assessment,  bio-oil  production  and  upgrading  in Vietnam  are  also  given.  Finally,  some  concluding  remarks  address  the  perspectives  for  further  research  and
development to overcome future challenges.

Keywords. Bio-oil valorization, bio-oil/diesel emulsion, co-feeding, deoxygenation, refinery units.


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