Identification and characterization of human serum glycoprotein in acute coronary syndromes


  • Do Huu Chi VAST
  • Nguyen Tien Dung
  • Pham Duc Dan
  • Le Thi Bich Thao
  • Do Doan Loi
  • Nguyen Bich Nhi
  • Phan Van Chi



Acute coronary syndrome, glycoprotein, proteomics, NanoLC-MS/MS


Acute myocardial infarction (AMI) which consider final dangerous complication of acute coronary syndrome, occurs suddenly with high rate of mortality and sequel in the case of extreme emergency. Therefore, the mining of biomarker for ACS diagnosis is urgently needed. In the serum, glycoproteins  involve in many  biological processes and are potential markers for diagnosis and treatment. In this study, we identified the serum glycoproteins in ACS patients and healthy using proteomics techniques such as affinity chromatography by Concanavalin A, SDS-PAGE and two-dimensional nano liquid chromatography coupled online with tandem mass spectrometry (2D-NanoLC-ESI-MS/MS). The glycoproteins were characterized using bioinformatics tools including PEAKS v6.0 and online PANTHER softwares. The results showed that 133, 162 and 195 serum glycoproteins were identified in AMI, UA patients and healthy samples, respectively. Characterization of the identified glycoproteins such as functions were categorized into groups such as catalytic, enzyme regulator, receptor, structural molecular, transporter activity and binding. It is notable that, Fibrinogen, a widely used potential biomarker of ACS was detected in all AMI and UA samples whereas not detected in healthy samples.


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Chi, D. H., Dung, N. T., Dan, P. D., Bich Thao, L. T., Loi, D. D., Nhi, N. B., & Chi, P. V. (2015). Identification and characterization of human serum glycoprotein in acute coronary syndromes. Academia Journal of Biology, 37(1se), 151–157.




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