Experiment of plant abtraction for treatment of powdery mildew on Cyclea peltata (Lamk.) Hook. & Thomps


  • Le Thi Hong Tram Institute of Tropical Biology, VAST




Cyclea peltata, powdery mildew, plant abstraction, Nui Chua national park


The exploitation of non - timber forest products (NTFPs) is an integral part of livelihood of Raglay living in the buffer zone of Nui Chua National Park, Ninh Thuan province. Apart from people to forest products considered as the food of the Raglay minority, they people also exploit other products to sell every day in exchange for food  such as the forest fruits and leaves of Cyclea peltata (Sam nam in Vietnamese). Cyclea home garden model at Xom Den village, Cong Hai commune, Thuan Bac district, Ninh Thuan province is a pilot model of sustainable alternative livelihood for the Raglay communities in the buffer zone of Nui Chua National Park promoted by ITB and local officials since 2009. It may give an subsidary income, diversify garden plants and raise awareness of forest protection for the Raglay. In the survey of Cyclea model (21/12/2011), powdery mildew is detected on Cyclea plant in three gardens (Pinang Thi Xieu, Cao Xuan and Chamalea Chuong).

Through viewpoints of experts and local experiences about powdery mildew and also using plant extracts or less toxic chemicals for control of the plant, four methods with materials available in communes chosen, included three plant extracts (garlic, ginger and papaya leaf) and solution of copper sulfate and lime powder. Four methods were tested in pilot garden of househoold Pinang Thi Sieu (Xom Den village, Cong Hai commune, Thuan Bac dist., Ninh Thuan prov.).  In eight days after carrying out four methods, garlic extract can treat powdery mildew better than others. This positive result showed that garlic extreact was sprayed widely in her garden and Cao Xuan’ garden. They harvested and sold ten bunches of Cyclea leaf per a garden rice 6,000 VNĐ/bunch after an isolation period of 15 days.


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Hong Tram, L. T. (2012). Experiment of plant abtraction for treatment of powdery mildew on Cyclea peltata (Lamk.) Hook. & Thomps. Academia Journal of Biology, 34(3se), 111–117. https://doi.org/10.15625/0866-7160/v34n3se.1784