The role of oak wood in brandy during aging from pineapple


  • Hoang Thi Le Thuong Đại học Tân Trào Tuyên Quang
  • Tran Thi Thuy
  • Nguyen Quang Hao



Oak wood, brandy, pineapple, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry.


Brandy is a traditional European spirit distilled from fermented fruit juice and stored in oak barrels for a long period to have distinctive flavor of fruits and oak wood. Pineapple brandy gained from the distillation of pineapple wine and elimination of impurities becomes colorless, transparent, with slightly fruity aroma, slightly harsh taste and no distinctive flavor of brandy. The role of oak wood (dry bars and imported powder) in the brandy aging process was evaluated. Results showed that pineapple brandy stored with semi-roasted dry bars of oak (10 g/l) for 24 months had amber color, smooth and harmonious taste, with a sensory score of 17/20 (i.e. average quality brandy); while pineapple brandy stored with commercial imported oak powder (4g/l) had darker amber color, harmonious harsh taste, attractive aroma and a sensory score of 18.5/20 (i.e. standard quality brandy). Beside 16 aroma compounds identified in the pineapple brandy stored without oak wood, fourteen new aroma compounds, including 3 terpenes, 2 benzene ring compounds, 5 aldehydes, an acid and an ester, have been identified in pineapple brandy stored with commercial oak powder, making up 99.31% of total aroma compound weight in brandy.



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Thuong, H. T. L., Thuy, T. T., & Hao, N. Q. (2018). The role of oak wood in brandy during aging from pineapple. Academia Journal of Biology, 40(2se).