• Phan Que Phuong



catalysts, co-precipitation method, glycerol, glycerol carbonate


In this study, we successfully synthesized Zn/Sn and Al/Sn catalysts by the combination of co-precipitation and hydrothermal methods.. These catalysts were prepared by hydrothermal method using zinc chloride ZnCl2, tin chloride SnCl4 and aluminium chloride AlCl3 precursors. Structure and physical properties of catalysts material were characterized by XRD, SEM. The products of glycerol conversion product was also tested by gas chromatography. The catalytic activity depends on reaction conditions (temperature and catalysts). The main product formed after the carbonylation reaction was glycerol carbonate. The selectivity of the main product was highest when using the Zn/Sn catalyst 5 % at a 145 °C during 5 hours with the yield was 77 %, the conversion degree was 88.5% and the selectivity was 86.91 %. For Al/Sn catalysts under the same reaction conditions, the efficiency was 61.3 % and the product selectivity achieved up to 74.05 % .


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