• Quang Ngoc Dang Faculty of Chemistry, Hanoi National University of Education, 1360Xuan thuy, Cau giay, Hanoi, Vietnam



Phellinus gilvus, metabolites, antimicrobial, cytotoxicity


Five fungal secondary metabolites named 1,2,4,5-tetrachloro-3,6-dimethoxybenzene (1); ergosterol (2); ergosterol peroxide (3); (E)- 4-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)but-3-en-2-one (4) and [Bi-1,4-cyclohexandien-1-yl]-3,3’,6,6’-tetrone, 4, 4’-dihydroxyl-2,2’,5,5’-tetramethyl (5) were purified from ethyl acetate extract of the fruit bodies of Phellinus gilvus collected at Pu Mat national park, Nghe An province. Their structures were charaterized by 1D, 2D NMR and GC-MS spectroscopies. Especially, the structure of compound 1 was confirmed by X-ray crystallographic analysis. The antimicrobial and cytotoxicity activities of compounds 1 were also evaluated. This is the first report on the chemical constituents of Vietnamese Phellinus gilvus.


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The 6th National Workshop on Research and Development of Natural Products